The EastLife Autobiographies

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These pieces are the autobiographical elements of EastLife; written by our writers about their own lives. Click on each of the stories via title links below…

This Is A Test, Anonymous

My Mate Joe, by Michael Pudney

Memory: Loss, by Naomi Duffree

Stories, by Megan Slade

Body Politics, by Sam Green

Poppies, Communism and Stitches, by Jo Lazar

Before Getting Out, by Martin Clarke

Be With Me Still, by Christina Jones

22 Thoughts, by Craig Britton

Home Sweet Home, by Nacima Khan

Everyone’s Talking About It, by Sandra Wilson

Dragons Destroy Stratford, by Erica Masserano

My Scarlet Letters, by Emerald Wild

Thus Spoke the Songs of Love, by Naida Redgrave

Aged 22, by Lydia Morris

Scar Tissue, by Elizabeth Colville


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