EastLife: Stories

Linked below are the biographical elements of EastLife, the first phase of the project in 2014. They are written by our writers in conversation with the community members. They tell stories of the ever-changing East End of London. Scroll down further for the writers own autobiographical pieces, which they’ve so generously and bravely shared with us.

The Spanish Dove, for Irenee Lowe

The Way the Roses Smelled, for John Wiggett

Afloat, Ashore, for Charlie Burke

Support, for Kevin Flannagan

Betty, for Betty

Good China, for Irenee Lowe

A Day on the ’Ill, for John Besagni

The Perspectives of Angur, for Angur Miah

The Dorni, for Nessa

Memories, Losses and Gains, for Eileen Wade

The Best Thing Since Fried Bread, for Ellen Shrimpton

Woolf Beats Wolf, for Adrian

The Lonely Phoenix, for Crispin Janolo

The Arc of Joan, for Joan Barham

Irene, for Irene Pasquini

His Beautiful Angel, for Jane Boyle

The below pieces are the autobiographical elements of EastLife; written by our writers about their own lives. Thank you to all writers for taking part in this project.

This Is A Test, Anonymous

My Mate Joe, by Michael Pudney

Memory: Loss, by Naomi Duffree

Stories, by Megan Slade

Body Politics, by Sam Green

Poppies, Communism and Stitches, by Jo Lazar

Before Getting Out, by Martin Clarke

Be With Me Still, by Christina Jones

22 Thoughts, by Craig Britton

Home Sweet Home, by Nacima Khan

Everyone’s Talking About It, by Sandra Wilson

Dragons Destroy Stratford, by Erica Masserano

My Scarlet Letters, by Emerald Wild

Thus Spoke the Songs of Love, by Naida Redgrave

Aged 22, by Lydia Morris

Scar Tissue, by Elizabeth Colville